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Huangpu releases protection, development plan for Nanwan village

Updated : 2021-05-11

The Huangpu planning and natural resource bureau recently released a plan for the protection and development of Nanwan village, a waterside settlement with a history of more than 600 years.  

Located in Suidong sub-district, Nanwan is at the intersection of the Dongjiang and Pearl rivers, and is only 1.5 kilometers away from the Nanhai God Temple. It abounds in natural scenery and cultural relics.

The plan earmarks a 4.29-hectare core protection area, a 6.06-hectare construction control area and a 3.58-hectare environment harmonization area, and lists corresponding requirements for height control, architectural style and cultural relic protection, among other points of interest.


Nanwan village.

Two primary schools, a secondary school, a community hospital, an activity center and a fitness square will be built in the village, which will also bring in catering, entertainment and shopping businesses.

An international e-commerce headquarters, with a height of 200 meters and a floorage of 93,000 square meters will become a new landmark along East Huangpu Road and the Suidong sub-district.

With an investment of 770 million yuan ($119.78 million), construction of a 60,000-sq-m culture and tourism small town is underway in Nanwan. It will consist of culture and tourism facilities suitable for creative folk experiences, exhibitions, and Lingnan food zones, and will host intangible cultural experience activities.

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