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Guangzhou Intl Bio Island accelerates intelligentized management

Updated : 2021-05-10

A second batch of intelligent products covering management, security, environmental protection, sanitation, the internet of things and public services has been launched for Guangzhou International Bio Island's 5G+ smart management platform.

AI garbage bins are able to give warning of spillovers and promote garbage sorting by instructing users with varied types of garbage.

5G-enpowered unmanned aerial vehicles will be used for security patrols relying on cluster management, intelligent analysis, status monitoring and media livestreaming, while 5G robots will also be deployed for self-service physical examinations, intelligent diagnosis, health management, and entertainment.

Moreover, users can find parking lots, public toilettes, and hotels on Guangzhou International Bio Island via a Biotour mini program.


A second batch of intelligent products is launched for Guangzhou International Bio Island's 5G+ smart management platform.

Long-term, automatic and steady water quality monitoring covering temperature, pH levels and conductivity will be conducted. Sources of pollution can be traced by big data analysis.

Other products include unmanned sanitation vehicles, as well as 5G outdoor patrol and customer service robots.

The first phase of the 5G+ smart industrial park management platform launched in January involves visitor reservations, indoor environment and energy consumption monitoring, and public services.

As of now, 16 intelligent products have been adopted by the island for more than 40 applications, of which 75 percent are 5G-related.

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