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Development of Xiagang set to take off

Updated : 2021-05-08

The development of the Xiagang sub-district is set to take off through Guangzhou-Hong Kong cooperation, urban renovation and industrial and livelihood projects.

A Guangzhou-Hong Kong-Macao helicopter pad has come into operation with two routes available. An additional 500 million yuan ($77.75 million) will be invested to upgrade it from category B to A.

With a total investment of 484 million yuan, the 26,000-square-meter Guangzhou-Hong Kong-Macao Exit-Entry Building has been topped off and is going through refined decoration.


The Guangzhou-Hong Kong-Macao Exit-Entry Building has been topped off.

After it opens, routes will be launched to Hong Kong International Airport and Macao International Airport. Passengers will be able to reach Hong Kong International Airport in one hour and 20 minutes and Tsim Sha Tsui in one hour and 50 minutes.

In addition, a helicopter pad will be built on the rooftop of the building so that travelers can get to Hong Kong and Macao in half an hour.


Rendering of Duntouji village after urban renovation.

The old residences and properties under collective management in the initial area of Duntouji village's urban renovation project have all been demolished for rebuilding.

Currently, 30 industrial projects are under construction in Xiagang with a combined investment of 20 billion yuan. Once operational, they are expected to generate a total output value of nearly 50 billion yuan.

In terms of livelihoods, Xiagang will improve the landscape at Zhoutou Park, and tap into the historic connotation of the ancient Fuxu Canal for tourism development. Baoying Avenue, Guangzhou Development District and Huangpu Passenger Port stations along the east extension line of Metro Line 5 will open by 2022.

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