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Mountains on your doorstep for weekend trip

Updated : 2021-05-06

Mountain hiking is a very popular option for a weekend trip. Let's check out the guide below and set off!

Youma Mountain

With an altitude of 433.6 meters, Youma Mountain is the highest in Huangpu district and second highest in Guangzhou. In addition to fascinating natural scenery, it is home to several revolutionary sites. Gourmands cannot miss characteristic delicacies there such as kiln chicken and rice cooked in bamboo tubes.


Youma Mountain houses many revolutionary sites.

Longtou Mountain Forest Park

Longtou Mountain Forest Park covers 5,028 mu (335.2 hectares) in Miaotou community, Suidong sub-district. It is reputed for its winding creek that looks like a flying dragon, hence its name Longtou (dragon head).

The park boasts a wide swathe of south subtropical monsoon evergreen broad-leaved trees which are luxuriantly green all year round, as well as grotesque stones that take the shape of animals and immortals, among other delights. Visitors can sample bean curd jelly made of mountain spring water.

Danshuikeng Scenic Area

Danshuikeng Scenic Area not only features towering trees, lychee forests, grotesque stones, caves, and creeks, but also has many relics of the Ming and Qing dynasties (1368-1911). Hikers can take in the religious culture of ancient times, or taste vegetables nurtured by spring water together with hand-made fish balls.


Hikers are advised to wear sneakers, long trousers and a hat. Drinks, food and mosquito repellent should be prepared.


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