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Huangpu to push forward 160 key projects for 2021

Updated : 2021-03-25

Guangzhou's Huangpu district has listed 160 key projects for 2021 with an annual investment of 62.86 billion yuan ($9.62 billion).

In total, construction of 34, 83 and 22 key projects will be launched, pushed forward and completed this year respectively. Preliminary work for 21 projects will also be advanced.

Huangpu will invest 6.95 billion yuan in infrastructure projects including Tram Lines 2 and 5 as well as Yongjiu and the China-Singapore Guangzhou Knowledge City Eastern and Zhongtai express roads in 2021.

Meanwhile, the district will invest 32.62 billion yuan in 90 key industrial projects covering new-generation information technology, artificial intelligence, biomedicine, advancing manufacturing, scientific and technological services and the headquarters economy. They include Xpeng's smart manufacturing industrial park, Guangdong Daily's scientific and technological culture center and a 300-meter Knowledge Tower.


Rendering of Xpeng's smart manufacturing industrial park.

To further improve people's livelihoods, Huangpu will spend 2.18 billion yuan on 17 projects such as the Guangzhou Research Institute of Xidian University, Nanfang Hospital in China-Singapore Guangzhou Knowledge City and Huangpu University.

With an annual investment of 20.34 billion yuan, 21 projects are on tap for urban renovation. The transformation of the old villages of Luofeng, Xiangang, Hongwei, Tangcun and Hetangxia will be moved ahead at full steam.

In terms of environmental preservation, Huangpu will invest 770 million yuan in five key projects related to pollution treatment, water purification and waste disposal.

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