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Huangpu seeks to boost digital economy

Updated : 2021-03-09

Guangzhou's Huangpu district has released the implementation rules for 10 measures designed to accentuate the role of new infrastructure in boosting the development of its digital economy.

Huangpu will offer a maximum reward of 500 million yuan ($76.75 million) to high-end projects related to the construction of new-type infrastructure such as 5G, artificial intelligence and the industrial internet.

The district will invest 100 million yuan in the cultivation of leading enterprises specializing in operating systems, database, middleware, CPU chips, AI chips, and cyber security software and hardware.

Enterprises, institutions or individuals who win international awards or State Science and Technology Awards in the digital economy will receive matched prize money from Huangpu, to a maximum amount of 5 million yuan. Those winning Guangdong Science and Technology Awards will receive 70 percent of the prize money to a maximum amount of 3 million yuan.

Up to five characteristic digital economy industrial parks will be subsidized to 50 percent of their operation expenditure. The subsidy won't exceed 2 million yuan for a single industrial park annually.

No more than three e-sports enterprises whose software goes online with national authorization and who make a great impact will receive a one-time subsidy amounting to 30 percent of their investment in software development. The maximum amount won't exceed 12 million yuan and a single enterprise is entitled to the subsidy only once.

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