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Variety of blossoms turn Huangpu into floral wonderland

Updated : 2021-03-08

A profusion of vibrant flowers has come into full bloom to mark the arrival of spring. Check out these recommended sites for admiring the flowers in Guangzhou's Huangpu district!



The flowering period of bauhinia variegata is from February to April.

Where to see them: Xiayuan residential community and Civic Square

Cherry blossoms


Cherry blossoms in Chuangye Park are currently at their peak.

Where to see them: Chuangye Park

Kapok flowers


Kapok is the city flower of Guangzhou, symbolizing a kind of pioneering spirit and a will to make progress.

Where to see them: Nanhai God Temple, Xinhai Revolution Memorial Hall, former site of Whampoa (Huangpu) Military Academy and Civic Square

Golden trumpet trees


Locals take photos, stroll and cycle alongside the blooming golden trumpet trees.

Where to see them: No 4 River on Changzhou Island, Xiayuan residential community and Guangdong Tianlu Lake Forest Park

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