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Hyundai's hydrogen fuel cell production base begins construction

Updated : 2021-03-03

The first overseas hydrogen fuel cell production and sales base of South Korean automaker Hyundai began construction in Guangzhou Development District on March 2.

Covering 207,000 square meters, the project will encompass a hydrogen fuel cell stack plant, a hydrogen fuel cell system plant, an R&D center and an innovation center.

Once the construction work is completed in the second half of 2022, the base will be able to produce 6,500 sets of hydrogen fuel cell systems annually at the preliminary stage, and will gradually increase capacity in line with market demand.


Hyundai will develop a world-leading hydrogen fuel cell system in Huangpu.

The project is of great importance for Hyundai to take the lead in carbon neutrality by strengthening production of its world-leading hydrogen fuel cell systems and making them available as power sources for various industries.

Meanwhile, it will help GDD complete its hydrogen energy industrial chain, which is expected to reach 100 billion yuan (15.46 billion) in scale.

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