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Huangpu launches cybersecurity-themed tram

Updated : 2020-09-16


Huangpu launches a cybersecurity-themed tram on Sept 14.

Guangzhou's Huangpu district launched the first cybersecurity-themed tram in Guangdong province at Xinfeng Station on Sept 14.

The tram was developed by the publicity department and cyberspace affairs office of the CPC Huangpu district committee for the 2020 National Cybersecurity Publicity Week.

With blue as its main hue, the tram is replete with slogans, tips, comics, and video clips to disseminate information on cybersecurity.


The comic depicts the potential hazards of emails from unknown sources.


A video clip on the display screen advises passengers not to scan QR codes freely.


Passenger can scan the QR code to learn information on cybersecurity.


A slogan solicited from a netizen warns passengers of online information security. 

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