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Huangpu releases 8 measures to improve emergency management

Updated : 2020-09-11


Huangpu holds a press conference to announce the eight emergency management measures on Sept 9.

Guangzhou's Huangpu district released eight reform measures to establish a comprehensive emergency management system on Sept 9.

Local emergency response, safe production, and disaster alleviation committees, as well as forest fire prevention, earthquake relief, and flood control and drought relief headquarters will be merged into an emergency headquarters.

Relying on its comprehensive command and control 2.0 platform, the district will build an all-weather intelligent emergency warning, control, and response system.

Relevant departments are required to assemble routes and mobilized teams for emergency response, while enterprises, third-parties, and volunteers are also encouraged to contribute to the district's efforts.

Huangpu will also increase their purchases of advanced equipment, as well as recruit more staff in professional areas like hazardous chemical explosions, forest fire fighting, and high altitude rescues. It will become the first district in the country to have a special emergency rescue team.

Of particular note, Huangpu will spare no efforts to develop its safety emergency industry. It will bring in or incubate enterprises for the R&D and manufacturing of a variety of advanced intelligent emergency rescue products.

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