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Huangpu company develops China's first AI-controlled mask machine

Updated : 2020-02-10


Guangzhou Pulisi Technology Co Ltd, a national high-tech enterprise based in Huangpu district, has developed the first machine of its kind in China that uses AI machine vision to produce masks. [Photo by Jia Zihao/southcn.com]

uangzhou's Huangpu district encouraged local smart manufacturing companies to carry out research and development of automatic equipment for the production of supplies like masks and protective glasses on Feb 5.

Guangzhou Pulisi Technology Co Ltd, a national high-tech enterprise based in Huangpu dedicated to the application of artificial intelligence (AI) machine vision technology and integrated solutions for machine vision systems, has developed a fully automatic production machine for masks using AI machine vision within three days.

Lin Xiaobo, founder of Guangzhou Pulisi Technology Co Ltd, said that the R&D project started on Feb 6 and that trial production began on Feb 9.

The machine, being China's first of its kind using AI machine vision to produce masks, has started mass production on Feb 10, with a single machine able to produce 120 masks per minute and the total amount of masks produced per day exceeding over 150,000.

Compared with traditional machines, the new machine can achieve long-term operation and occupy less space.

"The development process was not easy. We have received a lot of support from the local district, as well as the upstream and downstream industry chain," added Lin.

The annual production of the new machine can reach 50 sets per month, expecting to help alleviate the shortage of masks in the country.

Applying modular flexible design, the machine can be used on the production lines of 3C (computers, communications, and consumer electronics) products.

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