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Guangzhou Yunpu Industrial Park

Updated : 2018-11-14


Guangzhou Yunpu Industrial Park is a large-scale industrial development zone approved and established by the Guangzhou municipal government in 1992 and identified as a province-level development zone in 2006. The park, with a total planned area of 15.8 sq km, is surrounded by Zengcheng district on the east, Pearl River on the south, Kaichuang Avenue on the west and Yunpu 4th road on the north. It has incorporated 336 enterprises from the United States, Germany, France, Japan, Australia, the Netherlands and other countries, as well as Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Today, the park accommodates 46,800 residents, of whom 25,000 are employed in the park.

After more than 20 years of development, the park includes 82 enterprises above designated size in fields ranging from labor-intensive handicrafts to high-end intelligent equipment. Among them are Fortune 500 Companies such as General Mills of the United States, Schneider Electric of France, Heineken Brewery of the Netherlands, Citizen of Japan, and Cadali. The park is also home to well-known foreign-funded companies such as Guangzhou Tongyi, German Renolit, American Amazon, and other well-known private and listed companies such as GSC CNC Equipment, ZSROBOT, Blue Moon, JD.COM, Sany, Tinci Materials Technology, Zhiguang, Lushan New Materials, and HEDY. Pillar industries such as high-end intelligent equipment manufacturing, information technology, new energy, new materials, fine chemicals, light industry foods, biomedicine, and e-commerce have brought to the park total project investment of over 20 billion yuan. 

In 2016 the park had an industrial output of 36 billion yuan, and tax revenue of over 2.55 billion yuan. It has grown to be a national e-commerce demonstration base and the home of the first strategic emerging industries in Guangzhou. It is among the highest of Guangdong development zones in terms of economic indicators such as GRP of the industrial park and enterprises’ GRP and financial revenue.

Priorities of investment attracting: first, introduce high-end intelligent equipment manufacturing projects such as robots; second, utilize old factories to implement the policy of “emptying the cage and letting the right bird in” to achieve industrial transformation and upgrading as well as new projects.

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