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Five-star Narada hotel days away from opening

Updated : 2021-01-14

The first five-star hotel in the Changling subdistrict of Guangzhou's Huangpu district will open its doors this month, presenting a perfect mix of business, conference, leisure and tourism functions.

The hotel is being transformed from a foreign merchants' activity center, and is a collaborative project of GDD Holding Group and Zhejiang Shimao Narada Hotel Group. The latter is among both the top 10 hotel groups in China and the top 50 hotel groups in the world.

Prior to the renovation, the structure of the main building had been in good condition. However, parts of the old walls suffered water leakage, some windows were broken and the gardens had been unattended for a long time.


Artist's impression of the five-star hotel.

The high-end Narada hotel will highlight the harmony between a multilayered green space with the architecture and the integrity of indoor functional zones. The lobby will feature a simple but elegant design, evoking the style of ink paintings. 

Renovation is well underway, with only the outdoor landscaping still to be completed.

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