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Guangzhou Daily: GDD exemplifies green development

Updated : 2020-12-07

Guangzhou Development District (GDD) was cited for best practices in green development among national economic and technological development zones in 2019 for the fourth consecutive year. 

The list of nominees was released by the Green Development Alliance of National Economic & Technological Development Zones on Dec 4. The alliance has developed a green development index to assess national economic and technological development zones from the aspects of green compliance, quality, and management annually since 2016.

Attaching great importance to green development, GDD has set an environment protection threshold for the settlement of projects. It prioritizes projects that feature low energy consumption and pollution emissions or promote the recycled use of resources. In particular, leading enterprises in the global green industry are favored.


GDD attaches great importance to green development.

In addition, local enterprises are encouraged to upgrade themselves with international technology, standards, and platforms. Industrial giants are encouraged to expand in the international market, prompting the "going out" of local green products, equipment, technology, standards, certification, and management.

GDD, which values green technology innovation, is now home to seven national, 76 provincial, and 94 municipal R&D institutions related to green industries. It released 22 supportive measures this year to boost green financial development, which cover innovation, institutions, products, market, and platforms.

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