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Chuangye Park

Updated : 2020-07-17


Xuelang Lake is one of the highlights in Chuangye Park.

Covering a total area of 12.7 hectares, Chuangye Park was designed under the concept of living in harmony with nature.

The park is divided into two areas, namely the east area and the west area. 

The east area is a civic square, offering places for local residents to do exercises, chat, and relax, while the west area is centered around Xuelang Lake in the park, turning the area into an ideal place for people to take a walk and get a close look at the beautiful waterside scenery.

As a major highlight in the park, Xuelang Lake offers different scenery for visitors in different seasons as people can enjoy the beauty of 776 cherry blossom trees in full bloom in the spring and find the charm of lotus blossoms in the lake in the summer.

Address: intersection of Shuixi Road and Xiangxue Third Road, Huangpu district

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