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Huangpu Park

Updated : 2020-07-17


An aerial view of Huangpu Park.

Huangpu Park is a popular place for local residents to carry out a variety of activities. It boasts a large stage, as well as a comprehensive set of advanced lighting and sound equipment.

Covering a total area of 10.3 hectares, the park possesses an overall green area of 85,000 square meters and a water area of 6,051.8 sq m.

The wind square in the park is decorated with elements like aeolian bells, sweeps, water, sundial sculptures, and trees, each representing the wind, water, sunlight, and life in nature.

The park possesses various facilities like bridges, pavilions, and stone chairs, allowing local residents to enjoy a leisurely time in the park.

It also has a swimming pool specialized for children, turning the place into a paradise for children to have fun in the water.

Address: 68 Huangpu East Road, Huangpu district

Transportation: take Bus Nos B1, B17, B26, B5 and etc or take Guangzhou Metro Line 5 

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