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Innovation Park

Updated : 2020-07-17


An aerial view of Innovation Park. [Photo by Zhong Xiaojian]

Innovation Park (formerly known as the voluntary tree planting park) consists of Dagong Mountain, Houdi Mountain, Guantiantou Mountain, and the entrance square. 

It covers a total area of 170,300 square meters, of which more than a quarter is made up by colorful flowers. It has also preserved 160 ancient lychee trees.

In the early summer, the splendid scenery of lotus ponds attracts visitors to stop and take pictures. In the winter, the gentle greetings from the falling plum flowers provide a tranquil scene that entices visitors to linger and enjoy the sight.

Address: 190 Kaiyuan Avenue, Huangpu district

Opening hours: 24 hours

Transportation: Take bus Nos 327a, 336, 338, 359, 373 or 569 to Tree Planting Park Stop

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