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Guangzhou's first hydrogen cell bus hits road in Huangpu

Updated : 2020-06-02

A batch of Guangzhou's first 15 hydrogen cell buses made their debut in Huangpu district on May 28 and will conduct the operation of the bus line 388.

The bus line, stretching a total mileage of 25 kilometers, will cover local areas including Nangang, east Huangpu, and the administrative area.

The 15 buses, which are each 10.5 meters in length and produced by Skywell, all use a fuel cell engine system independently researched and developed by a Huangpu company. 

It only takes 15 minutes to fill the buses with hydrogen and they can run for over 400 km. The energy exchange efficiency of the buses is as high as 53 to 55 percent.

Two measures have been taken to ensure safety, namely installing hydrogen leak alarms on the bus and applying a remote real-time monitoring system.

The operation of the buses will only produce water instead of any pollutants like carbon dioxide. In addition, the operation of the hydrogen cell only consumes hydrogen and oxygen in the air.

The buses are fully covered by 5G signals. They are also all equipped with 5G CPEs and Beidou satellite positioning devices, offering support in key technologies for the buses in areas spanning automobile monitoring and safety driving alarms.

Huangpu district has gained great momentum in developing a hydrogen industry cluster as the district has formed a complete industrial chain covering major areas, such as hydrogen production, equipment manufacturing, research and development, inspection and detection, as well as demonstrative application. 

At present, the district has attracted and cultivated 20 projects, with more than 4 billion yuan ($561.7 million) in overall investment, such as ones by SinoHyKey Technology Co Ltd. 

The district has established two hydrogen refueling stations and the construction for another five stations is underway. It is expected that a station network covering the whole district will be established by 2020.


A batch of Guangzhou's first 15 hydrogen cell buses make their debut in Huangpu on May 28.

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