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Guangzhou Daily: Huangpu biomedicine companies gain strong momentum in innovation

Updated : 2020-01-14

Guangzhou Daily Data and Digit Institute (GDI) launched a list of Guangzhou's top 50 most innovative biomedical companies on Jan 10. The list was created for the first time as biomedicine is one of the city's key developed strategic emerging industries.

The list evaluated the innovation capacity of Guangzhou's biomedical companies against five indices, namely patents index, academic index, quality growth index, industry-university-research index and influence index.

The list will be published annually to encourage companies to keep improving innovation capacity and to boost the construction of an innovative modern biomedicine industry in Guangzhou.

Guangzhou's Huangpu district has become a major cluster for the city's biomedicine industry, especially in Guangzhou Science City, Sino-Singapore (Guangzhou) Knowledge City, and Guangzhou International Bio-Island.

Huangpu district contains the most companies on the list, with 68 percent of companies being listed and three of the top 5 companies being from Huangpu.

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