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Huangpu district launches WeChat mini program to help businesses

Updated : 2019-11-25


Huangpu district/Guangzhou Development Zone launched a WeChat mini program on Nov 22 which allows businesses to access information on the district's preferential policies, make inquiries and submit applications - all via their smartphones.

The move is another innovative measure taken by Huangpu district to respond to the demands of enterprises and to optimize its business environment. It will help improve the delivery of policies and enable enterprises to more easily benefit from them.

The new mini program is a smart platform on WeChat with functions such as policy releases, guides, information inquiries, and online applications, offering an 'all-weather' personal service for enterprises.

In April 2016, Huangpu district took the lead in reforming its policy implementation procedure in China. Enterprises who apply for policy fulfillment items only need to come to one governmental department to quickly complete the process. In general, the maximum processing time is no more than 34 working days.

To date, the district has honored more than 27,000 funds, helping enterprises reduce costs by more than 20 billion yuan, and benefitting more than 5,000 companies. From the beginning of this year, the service model of “one-department, limited-time settlement” has also been replicated and promoted in Guangzhou.

In addition to the mini program, Huangpu district has established five service platforms. They include an online system, an official account on WeChat, a service window, hotline, and mailbox. These allow enterprises a wide choice of channels to apply for preferential policy implementation. These platforms are optimized year by year.

The district also streamlined certification and launched new initiatives to ensure high-quality policy fulfillment services.

For more than half of policy fulfillment applications, enterprises either don’t need to go to the administrative department, or only need to go once.

To keep its service promise of providing a better service for businesses, Huangpu district’s new policy fulfillment WeChat mini-program will help further expand service channels and improve the level of information available.

In addition, on Apr 22, Huangpu district issued the first business license processed through a "blockchain + AI" platform. On a WeChat mini program, enterprises are no longer subject to time or location limits. It significantly reduced application times and provided more convenience for enterprises.

In June 2018, Huangpu district/Guangzhou Development Zone was approved as the first business environment reform and innovation experimental zone in Guangdong province. In August this year, it topped 219 national economic development zones across China in terms of the business environment index, according to a selection of the 21st Century Economic Research Institute. 

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