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Science and Technology Daily: Business service blockchain platform issues first license

Updated : 2019-11-18

A local e-commerce firm called Haoqidian recently obtained its business license through the Business Service Blockchain Platform in Guangzhou.

It is the first business license issued by the platform in China.

The platform, using artificial intelligence technologies, is a pilot project launched by Guangzhou’s Huangpu district and Guangzhou Development District in April.

With the help of a WeChat mini-program, enterprises can apply for a business license, official seal, bank account opening, and tax invoice service by single online submission on the platform.

The platform is part of the district’s efforts in reforming its business services, enabling a business registration model available “around-the-clock, remotely, and one-click away”.

The service greatly improves the registration accessibility and efficiency in the district, placing it atop its peers in China.

By the end of October, the platform had received 3,190 visits and handled 162 applications.

“I was attracted by the service commitments of the platform, such as no waiting time and paperless submission and free seal engraving,” said a representative of Haoqidian surnamed Liu.

After scanning the QR code of the platform, she took less than 20 minutes to fill out the application form and submit the required documents online. About 30 minutes later, the business license was available for print.

Then the system asked her to choose whether to use the delivery service for seal and tax invoices about one hour later.

All the formalities for the license were handled that morning through the platform. The license is not only the first on the platform; it’s also the first blockchain+AI business license in China.

According to the district’s administration for market regulation, they adopted a menu-like mode to enable users to answer multiple-choice questions instead of filling in blanks.

The mode cut the required items by 85 percent, down from more than 140 to no more than 30. The whole submission of information can be finished within 15 minutes.

The blockchain technology helps different administrative authorities to share information and enhances the efficiency of review and approval.

It also cooperates with the CTID platform, a system launched by the Ministry of Public Security for identity authentication to prevent dishonesty, an official of the administration said.

The platform is being promoted and the service will be expanded to Hong Kong and Macao and the countries and regions involved in the Belt and Road Initiative, the official added.

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