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Nanfang Daily: Huangpu district to build talent system with better foundation and higher achievements

Updated : 2019-09-03

Huangpu district issued a press release on August 22 to publicize measures taken by Guangzhou Huangpu district to attract overseas high-level talents.

The new policy follows earlier talent policies by Huangpu district, such as 10 Talent Attraction Implementation Measures and 10 Measures to Support Innovation and Entrepreneurship of Young People from Hong Kong and Macao. It further specifies the district government’s enhanced support on high-level overseas talents, with details provided on project support, talent support, talent recommendation and many others points.

In view of strong growth momentum in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, many overseas talents are seeking opportunities to start innovative business there.

"Now we want talents more than ever," said the deputy-head of the Policy Research Office of Guangzhou development district Xiong Weiguo. "The district will further improve talent service with policy support, and recruit strategic experts and top industrial elites from overseas. We will have a talent system with enhanced foundation and greater achievements, which will be a strong force to drive high-quality development."

High-level talent teams

The high-level overseas talents have cutting-edge technologies, global leading expertise, and capacity to make significant change and breakthroughs for high-quality development in the Greater Bay Area.

It has also been clarified that strategic scientists will be assessed on their research capacity, and should be able to demonstrate that they can significantly improve the district’s technology innovation strength, while industrial professionals will need to have a track record of business success in commercialization, and should be committed on a full-time basis.

"By 'overseas', we do not mean by nationality. As long as they are qualified strategic scientists or leading industrial talents coming to the district to start innovative business in Huangpu, they can be foreign nationals or Chinese returnees," said an officer at the press release.

In recent years, the district has offered stronger policy support in talent acquisition. In 2017, it took the lead nation-wide in issuing the 10 Talent Attraction Implementation Measures, which was dedicated to supporting outstanding professionals and elites with incentives for doctors, post-graduates, graduates, and famous artists and craftsman. Now, the district has reviewed and updated this policy, including its overall design, for a version 2.0.

In July this year, the district issued 10 Measures to Support Innovation and Entrepreneurship of Young People from Hong Kong and Macao, which specified subsidies for people from Hong Kong and Macao aged 18 to 45 who have an interest in starting a business in Chinese mainland. No limit was set on the educational background of the applicants, and mainland residents graduating from a Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan university or college were eligible to apply as well.

Guangzhou’s largest pool of high-level talents

According to statistics, Huangpu district has 730 high-level talents recruited under the national, provincial, city, and district-level talent programs, making it the top district in the city and one of the leading districts in the province.

Industrial projects led by the leading talents have contributed to a new landscape of technology and investment clustering with special focus on talents, which has been featured by two-way optimization of both the talent chain and the industrial chains.

It is worth noting that the policy has changed the conventional approach of talent policy that awards entities only, instead of individuals. For the first time in China, individuals, including strategic scientists and leading professionals who have been voted “Overseas Talent Envoys”, are entitled to cash incentives.

Will the talents have a right for autonomy if they decide to join the district? This issue has been addressed as well, as the new policy specifies that the team head is in absolute charge. 

Breaking varied limitations of fiscal funding use in previous talent policies, team heads will have full control of project funding under the new policy, including rights on recruitment, spending, property, technical path decision-making, internal organizational structure, and talent recommendation.

Key team members (no more than three for each team) recommended by a strategic scientist or leading industrial talent will be directly recognized as “Outstanding Talents” by the district and therefore entitled to corresponding allowances.

In terms of “one-on-one” service, it has been clarified that Huangpu district will develop the China Guangzhou Human Resource Service Park, a platform dedicated to synergizing domestic and oversea service providers for end-to-end high-end talent services. 

Huangpu will also provide windows to enable one-stop service, including business card delivery, administrative service, parent pensions, healthcare management, fast import/export clearance, airport and high-speed railway station VIP rights, and financial facilitation; in addition it will mange service hotlines and professional house-keeper teams to offer 7-24 services.

The new policy offers a package of concessions to high-level overseas talents, including professional assessment, company investment, real property purchases, children’s education, social security, driving licenses, entry/exit visas, long-term stay permits, work permits, and customs clearance.

In consideration of facilitating family life, the policy offers coverage of all forms of social security insurance for high-level talents, their spouses and under-aged children. The district will offer one free health check every year, and VIP clinic reservation and language services with designated hospitals.

Huangpu district also provides entry/exit visa facilitation for high-level overseas talents who have yet to obtain Foreigner Permanent Residence IDs (including their spouses and under-aged children), foreign technical experts and executives employed by companies or entities owned by high-end leading industrial talents. Detailed support includes multiple-entry visas, work permits, and stay permits up to five years. 

According to the new policy, Huangpu district will start a green channel at customs for high-level talents, their spouses and under-aged children.

In addition, the new policy invites high-level overseas talents to participate in decision-making in key economic and social affairs in the district in order to promote its greater life and work satisfaction. 

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