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Southern Metropolis Daily: GHIDZ, GDD to seek high-quality development

Source: chinadaily.com.cn | Updated : 2019-09-03

The Guangzhou High-tech Industrial Development Zone (GHIDZ) and the Guangzhou Development District (GDD) have started seven projects every month on average in the past two years.

In the first half of this year, 26 high-quality industrial projects with total investment of 60.3 billion yuan ($8.43 billion) in real economy were put into trial production. Their output value is expected to reach 44.6 billion yuan.

Statistics show that the GHIDZ and GDD held six launching ceremonies for new projects from 2018 to the end of July; a total of 139 projects started in the last two years.

The new projects, which were signed with investment of 300 billion yuan, will generate 850 billion yuan in output value and business income.

About 70 percent of the projects cover a wide range of fields, ranging from industrial and scientific innovation complexes to improvements in people's lifestyles.

Thanks to these projects involving transportation facilities, renovations of shanty towns, factories and villages, medical services and education, local people's living conditions will be improved.

New-generation information technology, bio-medicine, advanced manufacturing, new materials and new energy industries, as well as innovation centers, incubators and commercial complexes are emerging in the zone.

Thirteen of the 14 projects that started last November are industrial projects, covering intellectual property protection, bio-medicine, new generation information technology and testing services.

Start-ups in bio-pharmaceutical enterprises increased significantly last year, and a cluster is taking shape.

Chinese cancer drug maker BeiGene launched its research and development center in Guangzhou and has brought its cumulative registered capital in the city to 3.6 billion yuan.

To date, 167 projects (148 industrial projects and 19 headquarters projects) have been planned by the enterprises in the GDD.

Guangzhou Cosma Automotive Co recently expanded its business in the GHIDZ and the GDD.


The new project of Guangzhou Cosma Automotive Co in the GHIDZ and the GDD [Photo/oeeee.com]

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