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Information Times: Huangpu to offer free trial rides on autonomous driving buses

Source: chinadaily.com.cn | Updated : 2019-08-08

Multi-functional AI-based autonomous driving bus No 353, nicknamed the "panda bus", will open to traffic in Guangzhou's Huangpu district in midmonth.

The bus, which was developed by DeepBlue Technology, China's leading artificial intelligence (AI) firm, will run on a 7.5-kilometer ring-shaped route with 11 stops.

The "panda bus" is ready for trial operation. [Photo/hp.gov.cn]

According to Zhao Xu, the company's vice-president of technology, with the help of digital technology such as biometrics and mobile payment, passengers can travel and make online purchases on the buses without cash, bank cards or cellphones after registering their hand pulse information in a database. 

The electronic screen on the bus shows detailed information such as the real-time speed and route. [Photo/hp.gov.cn]

A driver experiences the self-driving bus running at a speed of 15 km per hour without any input from the driver's seat. [Photo/hp.gov.cn]

The self-driving "panda bus" adjusts its speed when it turns or nears a sidewalk. It will stop automatically when there is a red light or it arrives at a station. [Photo/hp.gov.cn]

In addition to the convenience brought by the intelligent technology installed in a "panda bus", passengers will also have safer travel experiences thanks to the monitoring system that recognizes and analyzes abnormal behavior in an all-round way and gives early warnings.

Besides the No 353 bus route, the district has launched the country's first demonstration island for self-driving buses in the city's International Biotech Island, which also has five auto-driving taxis. People can experience the services for free.

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