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Huangpu Port economic zone to go global

Source: chiandaily.com.cn | Updated : 2019-08-01

The Huangpu Port economic zone in Guangzhou Development District has positioned itself as a global innovation port area and plans to build 15 rail lines and high-speed railway stations, according to a recent detailed planning report.

The economic zone plans to build a greenway network featuring a business district and various waterfront landscapes.

A horizontal greenbelt starting from the east extension of Linjiang Avenue and linking the urban complexes of Zhujiang New Town, Financial Town will be a major leisure area for residents upon its completion.

Three vertical belts will run along the Wuyong River, East Second Ring Highway and Kaichuang Avenue, next to the Wuyong Corridor, the district's East Ecological Corridor and the Nangang River Corridor, and will link the economic zone to the downtown of Luogang district.

According to the planning, the economic zone will also be built into an innovation area for modern services in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, an innovation center of new trade in the world-class city cluster and a green and cultural area inheriting the Maritime Silk Road culture.

The Longtou Mountain, Jiangxin Island, the Pearl River Landscape Belt and Dongjiang Landscape Belt will be connected by riverside corridors, green areas, and waterways and form an ecological network.

Six functional areas will be built to promote such industries as shipping services, science and technology exhibitions and trade, headquarters, high-tech intelligent product development, cultural and creative exhibitions, and green lifestyles.

A total of 15 rail transit lines will be added to offer better travel experience in the Huangpu Port economic zone, such as the Nos 17 and 28 high-speed rail lines with a designed speed of 160 kilometers per hour to 250 kilometers per hour and Nos 13, 25 and 7 subway express lines capable of 100-140 km/h.

They'll also include subway line No 5, Huangpu Metro Line 1 (the west extension line reserved for future development), a branch line of Subway Line 12 (reserved), Subway Line 30 (reserved) all with a designed speed of 80-100km/h.

Six tram routes are planned: HP2, HP3, HP7 (extending eastward to connect with tram service in Zengcheng district), HP8 (extending westward to connect with tram service in Tianhe district), HP9, and HP13.

Two high-speed rail lines, namely the Guangzhou-Zhongshan-Zhuhai-Macao high-speed railway and the second high-speed rail route linking Guangzhou and Shenzhen will run through the zone. A new high-speed railway station will be located in the north of the economic zone's planned area.

In addition, an international cruise terminal is to be located in Huangpu's old port area. It has a planned area of about 40,000 square meters and will accommodate cruise ships of up to 80,000 metric tons.

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