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Guangzhou Daily: Guanzhou Int’l Bio-Forum opens

Updated : 2019-06-10

The 12th China Bio-Industry Convention will be held in Guangzhou, capital of South China’s Guangdong province, June 10-12.

Dubbed the “Davos Forum of Bio-Industry”, the Guanzhou International Bio-Forum, holding its third session this year, also opened in the city on June 10.

According to the administrative committee of Guangzhou Development District, the forum’s organizer, more than 600 guests and industrial insiders will take part in the event, including Chinese Academy of Sciences academicians Shi Yigong, Pei Gang, Xu Tao, He Fuchu, and Su Guohui, and academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering Zhong Nanshan and Yao Xinsheng.

Other scientists and entrepreneurs attending the forum include Pei Duanqing, academic dean of the CAS Guangzhou Institutes of Biomedicine and Health, Karen Fallen, Senior Vice President of Lonza Biopharmaceuticals, Liu Dianbo, executive chairman of Luye Life Sciences Group, as well as senior executives from the world’s top 500 companies and international research institutes.

A round-table meeting was held on June 9 on the Guangzhou International Biotech Island, where officials, experts, entrepreneurs and investors from all over the world were invited to offer suggestions on the development of the biomedical industry in Guangzhou. Other sub-forums are scheduled for June 11.

The first edition was held on July 3, 2017. It was then determined that the forum would settle in the Guangzhou International Biotech Island permanently and be held annually.

The Guangzhou Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone, Guangzhou Development District and Huangpu district consider Guangzhou International Biotech Island to be a carrier for developing the forum into a platform for technological and industrial exchange and cooperation and a leading think-tank of the industry. They also view it as helping to upgrade the city’s biological sector and other strategic emerging industries.

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