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Nanfang Daily: Huangpu district sets up no-fee zone to welcome enterprises

Source: chinadaily.com.cn | Updated : 2019-01-08

Huangpu district launched a tax relief policy on Jan 1, becoming the first district in Guangdong province to start a fee-free zone for newly arrived companies.

According to the policy, enterprises in the district will enjoy four free services when they set up their operations: free mailing of business licenses and invoices, free copy service, free announcements, and free engraving of official seals. It is expected to save enterprises in the region about 11 million yuan ($1.6 million) annually.

Free Mailing of Business Licenses and Invoices

In all kinds of registration applications, enterprises which choose to receive business licenses by mail will be provided with free mail service. Taxpayers who meet the requirements may also apply to the tax authorities for receiving invoices by mail.

Free Copy Service

An enterprise registration window will provide free copy service that will cover required materials such as ID cards when enterprises apply for a business license.

Free Announcements

Huangpu district will no longer require the applicant to entrust the media to publish a declaration of invalidity if the business license is lost or damaged. Enterprises can post a "declaration of invalidation of business license" on the National Enterprise Credit Information Publicity System for free.

Free Engraving of Official Seals

The district provides free seal engraving and record keeping for newly established enterprises. After the launch of this policy, a local businessman surnamed Liu, who came to register his company, said that at first he thought the service only covered engraving of a common seal. The service staff however engraved a complete set of seals, including a corporate seal, a financial special seal, an invoice special seal, and a contract special seal.

An official from the Huangpu District Market and Quality Supervision Bureau said tha t enterprises in the district this year are expected to save 11 million yuan in government expenses based on the number of enterprises opened last year. And 11 million yuan is just a start since the number of enterprises increases year by year.

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