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Huangpu Lingang Economic Development Zone

Updated : 2018-11-14


Situated in the southern part of Huangpu district, the Lingang Economic Development Zone covers Guangyuan East road, Huangpu port to the south of Huangpu East road, Changzhou Island, Nanhai God Temple, and surrounding areas. Lingang Economic Development Zone is actively involved in the making of the Guangzhou International Shipping Center and the formation of the “one river, two banks, three belts” development layout. It is also seeking to become Guangzhou's second Central Business District (CBD), an international shipping integrated service center, a pioneer area of the National Maritime Silk Road, and Guangzhou Port's demonstration area of city-industry integration growth.


Year of establishment: 2015

Planning area: 42 sq km (including 15 sq km of water area)

Function positioning: Guangzhou Second Central Business District, International Shipping Integrated Service Area, Pioneer Area of National Maritime Silk Road, Guangzhou Port's demonstration area of city-industry integration growth.

Development focus: specialty industries such as headquarters economy, port and shipping services, industrial finance, SciTech innovation, human resources, high-end commerce, e-commerce, cultural tourism, cruise industry, yachts, and others.

Status: 13 key projects are ongoing with a total investment of about 50.5 billion yuan; Poly Yuzhu Port is currently under construction; the first unit of the Guangzhou International Port & Shipping Center is to be in operation soon and its second unit has been basically completed and will soon be available for advanced sales.

Key directions of attracting investment: headquarters projects, high-end commercial and business services and cultural tourism industry projects, and shipping and financial services projects.

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