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Updated : 2018-11-14


The Administrative Committee of Changlingju of Guangzhou Development District (GDD) was officially established in July 2015. Located in the heart of the GDD, Changlingju is an integral part of Guangzhou Science City. It connects the core area of Guangzhou Science City in the west, Sino-Singapore Guangzhou Knowledge City in the north, and the Yonghe Economic Zone in the east. It is located within a 30-minute daily-life circle of central districts of Guangzhou.

Changlingju is designed to accommodate the spill-over functions of central districts of Guangzhou, such as residences, R&D and commercial services, and will further promote city-and-industry integration and job-housing balance, and facilitate coordinated development of both Sino-Singapore Guangzhou Knowledge City and Guangzhou Science City. 

As one of the six core industrial parks of the Guangzhou Development District (GDD), Changlingju is to become a green, eco-friendly and most livable community in eastern Guangzhou, as well as an aggregation area for high-end emerging industries.

Changlinju covers 39.5 square kilometers, of which 17.8 square kilometers are urban development land.  Changlingju is expected to have a planned population of 230,000.

Six development strategies have been highlighted in the design process: 

Mountain-city integration that highlights the existing mountains;

City-industry integration that highlights a mixed development and comfortable living environment;

Green transportation that promotes the TOD-type of efficient land use;

A landscape featuring a new Lingnan architectural style; and

Utilization of ten green municipal engineering technologies for a green and smart community;

The spatial structure of Changlingju is best described as one axis, one core, four centers and four zones.

One axis: the functional development axis of Changling Road

One core: the Changling headquarters R&D and commercial core

Four centers: Yuanbei innovation R&D center, Shuishengi innovation R&D center, Yonghe innovation R&D center, and Hefeng innovation R&D center

Four zones: Changping residential zone, Yuanbei residential zone, Shuisheng residential zone, and Yonghe residential zone. 

Four major functions of Changlingju

High-end residential area: To build a world-class residential area featuring green and smart technologies and low carbon emission

Headquarters R&D for high-end and emerging industries: To build office areas for corporate headquarters along key transport nodes of the rail transportation network

Health care industry: To foster the development of the health industry, medical care, rehabilitation and the real estate industry for elder-care purposes

Ecological recreation: To develop the ecological tourism industry by making full use of mountains, forest parks, reservoirs and other available natural resources.

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